Summary of Investor Rights

Unitholder Rights

If you are a Unitholder in the any sub-fund of the Fund and these Units are registered in your name on the relevant Unitholder register, you will have certain Unitholder rights which you can exercise. This may include rights to dividends declared by the Management Company or to a proportion of net proceeds on the liquidation of the Fund.

More details on Unitholder rights are set out in the Prospectus and incorporation documents for the Fund.

Investor Rights under your Contract with the Fund

As an investor in the Fund, and depending on how you invested, you may have certain investor rights arising under contract between yourself and the Fund. For further details on these rights, please refer in particular to the Prospectus and to the contractual documentation which you completed in order to make your investment.

Additional Investor Rights

Arising from Local Laws Depending on how you invested in the Fund, you may be entitled to avail of certain domestic protections and rights to compensation claims deriving from your local legislation. For further details on such rights please refer to your local investor compensation website, if available.

Collective Redress

In the event you perceive you have suffered a loss, you may have a right to seek redress on a collective basis through a collective redress mechanism which has been made available in your local jurisdiction. The availability of access to a local collective redress mechanism will depend on the jurisdiction you are based in and the location of the contract formed with the Fund and how you invested in the Fund. For further details on such rights please refer to the website of your local regulator.

The European Union has introduced legislation to support the ability for consumers to take representative action across the EU. This piece of legislation is due to be implemented into local law by the end of December 2022 and we will update this summary with further rights as they arise in due course