Invest to Exist

Historically, ethical investments have been the story of taking increased risk for the greater good; paying the price for being the good guy.

Now the tables have turned.

We firmly believe that not making sustainable investments is taking the higher risk. We believe that the best way to ensure the growth of your capital, is to ensure that we have a planet where these funds can grow.

But how do you know that your investments don’t end up harming people or the environment? Greenwashing and loopholes make it harder to navigate the market and know that your investments are truly socially responsible. Therefore, we make sure that when your money works for you, it also works for the good of people.

It’s not about choosing a sustainable future. It is about choosing the future.

We are CARN Capital.
And we Invest to Exist.


Investing for a sustainable future

We live in a world facing tremendous challenges regarding climate and inequality. As investors we have a responsibility to make sure our investments and the way we do business contribute to a more sustainable world. Business is critical to create change in the world, and in CARN we want to contribute to a more sustainable economic system and society. We want to be part of the solution, not the problem. We further see that businesses that take sustainability seriously are the ones which are best prepared for tomorrow, and we believe that by investing in companies taking this seriously will also generate higher returns over time.


To ensure we meet high environmental and ethical standards and focus on sustainability, the CARN Long Short fund is certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel (Svanemerket), the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries. We also exclude companies on Norges Bank Investment Management’s exclusion list.