CARN is looking for an analyst to our investment team.
The analyst will be given significant responsibilities in the firm and be an integrated member of the investment team.
The position offers exceptional opportunities for professional and personal growth within a focused and highly investment-driven organization.

The right candidate must have a passion for investments, understanding of business models and preferably 1-5 years’ experience from equity research, forensic accounting, management consulting, intelligence service, investigative journalism or any other field that require independent analytical thinking.

This is not an ordinary job. To become a great investor, you have to see this as a lifestyle.
The candidate must be passionate, driven and humble. For the right candidate this is an extraordinary opportunity.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity. Hence, women are encouraged to apply.
Complete applications with transcripts, reference letters, resumé and supplementary information can be sent to


CARN Capital is looking for individuals of all backgrounds who display evidence of outstanding ability and have a track record of exceptional accomplishment. Our people are intellectually curious, constantly strive to improve and adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. We are small and nimble and deeply entrepreneurial, always looking for new hires who bring fresh perspectives.

From time to time we have vacant positions, but we are not limited by the vacant positions.
We are always interested in getting in contact with exceptional individuals. We recruit both students, recently graduated and senior professionals.

Open applications can be sent to: