Business principles

  • Independent

    We believe it is of utmost importance for an investment organization to be fully independent from other business lines and organizations. Independence secures that other business interests do not interfere with the investment management activities, as well as minimizing organizational bureaucracy and corporate politics. Therefore, CARN Capital is owned owned by the employees, and fully independent from other organizations.

  • Focused

    To achieve the highest level of performance in any field, whether it is in sports, music, academia, or in business we believe it is extremely important to be focused. You cannot be world champion in both ski jumping and cycling at the same time. This is particularly the case within capital management. Therefore, we have only one business philosophy and only one investment strategy.

  • Long-term

    We have a long-term focus in everything we do. This goes both for our investments and our business decisions. We look for clients who share our long-term perspective, we invest in the absolute best systems and infrastructure, and we always hire people with a long-term perspective. We are here for the long haul.

  • Aligned Interests

    In order for a investment management organization to have the highest probability of delivering strong returns to the investors, we believe it is crucial that the managers have aligned interests with the investors. Therefore, our team has 100% of their liquid financial assets invested in our strategy or the company. Also, we have a fee model aligned to when our clients make money.

  • Transparency

    Most investors want to be able to monitor their investments closely, and therefore value transparency. We are willing to disclose everything we do to our investors, and we communicate in detail the development of the investments and the business in our monthly investor letters and performance updates.